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For almost 100 years, our people have been the heart of our success.

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Did You Know?

  • More walnuts are processed at Diamond than any other place in the world
  • The average American eats 216 cups of popcorn each year
  • Potatoes were the first food to be grown in outer space. In 1995, astronauts on space shuttle Columbia successfully grew potatoes in zero gravity.


Diamond quality begins in the fertile soils of California’s Central Valley and other nut-producing regions. Diamond’s grower-owners use the very latest, environment-friendly farming practices. Constant attention is paid to the orchards, from pruning to irrigation to harvest.

Come fall, the nuts are shaken from the trees and swept into bins. Their hulls are removed and the nuts are dried, and then they make the short journey to the Stockton, California facility. There, each nut is carefully selected, sorted and cleaned before shelling and packaging.

Production Steps

Nuts go through a series of processes before they’re ready for your favorite recipe or holiday nut bowl. Some steps, such as cracking, shelling and chopping, are carried out for your convenience. Some are carried out for the sake of appearance, such as the polishing of pecans. Still others, among them state-of-the-art laser sorting, cold storage and quality monitoring, ensure that the nuts you buy are orchard fresh year-round and wholesome for your family.

Diamond Facilities

Diamond of California and Emerald brand products are processed and packaged in our Stockton, California facility. In addition, Diamond has three seasonal receiving facilities in California: Gridley, Linden
and Visalia.

Our Kettle Brand potato chips are carefully crafted in three facilities: Salem, Oregon; Beloit, Wisconsin; and Norwich, U.K.